You know the drill; simply click on a link below to see one of our comprehensive case studies. All of our green roof, stormwater, green site design and restoration projects are too numerous to list here. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your project, or we can give you a detailed presentation or brown-bag on the Green + Blue topic of your choice.




Target Center Green Roof
When Minneapolis’ Target Center Arena needed a new roof, The Kestrel Design Group provided its green roof expertise to create a quantitative and qualitative cost benefit analysis that enabled the City of Minneapolis to decide with confidence that replacing the conventional roof on the Target Center with a green roof was the most cost effective decision over the lifespan of the Target Center building. Subsequently, The Kestrel Design Group also provided design services for the green roof.




Brookdale Regional Center Landscape Modifications
The Kestrel Design Group was hired to redesign portions of the landscape around the Brookdale Regional Center and Library.

Central Library Green Roof,
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The conceptual design for the Minneapolis Central Library’s green roof weaves together local cultural and natural patterns.

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Landscape Bioretention & Silva Cell System Design
The Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) is a unique project with stringent stormwater management objectives.

Interpretive Signage Graphic Design
The Kestrel Design Group can create custom interpretive signage for your site.

Iowa State University - Haber Road Pasture Stormwater Demonstration Park Master Plan
The University and the Ames community value Squaw Creek. Their joint concern and the involvement of Facilities Planning and Management, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture and the City of Ames led to the creation of this Master Plan to address clean water.

Lake Nokomis Water Quality Improvement Plan & Stormwater Wetland Restoration
Integrated stormwater-cleansing wetlands work by capturing contaminated runoff from the surrounding 672 acre urban watershed before it enters Lake Nokomis and downstream waters.

Lincoln Park Zoo
The Kestrel Design Group created a Master Plan for a 1930’s era (WPA) zoo.

Luther College Sustainable Master Plan,
Decorah, Iowa

Master Planning reflects the college’s rich cultural and natural history. It honors sustainable goals and the legacy of Jens Jensen.

Marcy-Homes Neighborhood Rainwater Resource Recycling Demonstration Project
As consultant to Southeast Minneapolis’ Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood, The Kestrel Design Group was responsible for grant application coordination of public participation, planning and design, construction documents, construction observation, volunteer coordination, and demonstration/education for the Marcy-Holmes Rainwater Resource Recycling Demonstration Project.

Minneapolis City Hall Green Roof
With global concerns about water, the City of Minneapolis has begun to explore sustainable solutions to reduce the quantity and increase the quality of urban runoff.

Mesker Park Zoo
The Kestrel Design Group developed both an Urban Forestry/ Botanical Master Plan and a Facilities Exhibits and Interpretive Master Plan to direct the growth of Mesker Park Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Indiana’s largest zoo, into the 21st century.

Minneapolis Warehouse Stormwater Management Plan
The Kestrel Design Group, with Wenck Associates, created a master plan to provide guidelines and design recommendations for the stormwater treatment of this urban industrial site.

Native Seed Mix Design for Roadsides Manual
Retained by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, The Kestrel Design Group created a credible, scientifically sound, user-friendly methodology and manual for designing site specific native grassland seed mixes.

Northern Scott County Natural Resources Inventory
With the aid of a grant from the Department of Natural Resources, the City of Shakopee retained the Kestrel Design Group (KDG) to conduct a land cover assessment using the Minnesota Land Cover Classification System (MLCCS) method.

Peck Farm Park
Peck Farm Park, a 160-acre Illinois Heritage Park, is a showcase of biorestoration techniques, a cross-section of all-northern Illinois plant communities, while accommodating active recreation.

Pike Creek Channel Stabilization,
Plymouth, Minnesota

Pike Creek, a severely eroded eyesore becomes a community asset through restoration.

Prior Lake Outlet Channel Ecological Master Plan
The Kestrel Design Group completed an eight mile Level 5 MLCCS Natural Resources Inventory (NRI), Level 3 Rosgen stream survey, and an Ecological Master Plan for the Prior Lake Outlet Channel in collaboration with Wenck Associates.

Public Works Transit Operations Center
The City of Rochester, MN is leading the community by implementing examples of innovative stormwater management techniquest throughout the new PWTOC faciliy site.

Seawall Promenade Tree Corridor,
Vancouver, B.C

Vancouver develops a seawall promenade with a shade tree canopy for pedestrians using Silva Cells.

Shingle Creek Stabilization & Restoration
The primary goal of this stabilization project was to restore the ecological and hydrologic health of the stream. Techniques included lowering the dam, revegetating stream banks and adding a buffer, rock vanes and root wads.

Silva Cells for Stormwater Regulatory Compliance, MARQ2
The Marq2 (2nd Ave. and Marquette Ave) Silva Cell project is the largest to date, covering 48 blocks of downtown Minneapolis.

Silver Lake Shoreline Restoration
The Kestrel Design Group used native plant communities as a model for the restoration of shoreline areas around Silver Lake.

Minnesota Soil Bioengineering Handbook
Kestrel Design Group applied more than a decade of experience implementing soil bioengineering techniques on the companies’ own projects in the creation of a Best Management Practices document that provides practical guidance on the installation, benefits, history and application of soil bioengineering for professional users.

Square One Drive
The Kestrel Design Group provided Landscape Consulting services to the City of Mississauga for an innovative pilot project for the design and installation of a Silva Cell system for stormwater management.

State of Minnesota B3 Sustainable Building Guidelines for Site & Water
The Kestrel Design Group authored the Site and Water guidelines for the “Buildings, Benchmarks and Beyond Project” the Sustainable Building Guidelines for the State of Minnesota.

Trillium Bay Shoreline Restoration
The shoreline of Trillium Bay, adjacent to Lake Minnetonka, was a turf grass mono culture that had become severely eroded, resulting in poor water quality and property damage.

Walmart Super Center Parking Lot,
Lakeland, Florida

Walmart upgrades their existing Lakeland store into a Super Center and creates a parking lot shaded with healthy trees using Silva Cells.


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